Taxable transaction

Any transaction that is not tax-free to the parties involved, such as a taxable acquisition. The New York Times Financial Glossary

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • taxable transaction — Any transaction that is not tax free to the parties involved, such as a taxable acquisition. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • Taxable Spinoff — A divestiture of a subsidiary or division by a publicly traded company, which will be subject to capital gains taxation. The subsidiary will become completely independent from the parent corporation, operating entirely on its own. To qualify as a …   Investment dictionary

  • Transaction privilege tax — (TPT) refers to a gross receipts tax levied by the State of Arizona on certain persons for the privilege of conducting business in the state. TPT differs from the “true” sales tax imposed by many other U.S. states as it is imposed upon the seller …   Wikipedia

  • Taxable Event — Any event or transaction that results in a tax consequence for the party who executes the event. Common examples of taxable events for investors include receiving interest and dividends, selling securities for a gain and exercising options.… …   Investment dictionary

  • taxable event — An event or transaction that has a tax consequence, such as the sale of stock holding that is subject to capital gains taxes. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

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  • 988 transaction — A 988 transaction refers to [ sec 26 00000988 000 .html 26 USCA section 988] of the Internal Revenue Code in the United States of America. This transaction occurs when a taxpayer enters into or… …   Wikipedia

  • Hedging Transaction — A type of transaction that limits investment risk with the use of derivatives, such as options and futures contracts. Hedging transactions purchase opposite positions in the market in order to ensure a certain amount of gain or loss on a trade.… …   Investment dictionary

  • closed transaction — Term used in tax law to describe a taxable event which has been consummated. For example, diminution in value of goodwill of business is not a closed transaction so as to permit deduction of the diminution of value as ordinary loss. Joffre v. U.… …   Black's law dictionary

  • European Union Value Added Tax — The European Union Value Added Tax ( EU VAT ) is the system of value added tax ( VAT ) adopted by member states in the European Union Value Added Tax Area. The European Union itself does not collect the tax, but member states of the European… …   Wikipedia

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